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I'm  keenly aware of the hype in the name space, and know what steps you should take to avoid mistakes.
I know domain pricing, and can help you value your current assets or what it may cost for the ones you want.

Helping you find the best domain names so people can find your business.

  • Good domains are the first, and most important investment to make.

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  • If you have the wrong domains your business may fail. It's that simple.

Domain name consulting options

I've been helping people and businesses find the perfect names since 1998, and manage over 600 names. My oldest domain was registered 7 March, 1991. Many of my names are developed, have startup plans, or currently serve advertising. Please contact me if you're interested in collaborating on a name or would like help finding the right names for you. I'm on Twitter @douglashaan or at

With mill​ions of names available, how should you choose them? What's your strategy?